Why We Do It

We’re motivated by so much more than financial success. We don’t dream about fat financial targets, being bought out, or going public. Instead, at Fusion we focus on one thing: being the best consultancy at analytical thinking in North America. It’s why our clients love working with us.


Better decision-making starts with having better insights. Our THINK IN FORMULAS methodology centres on making decisions based on the right data for the right process. We start by asking questions like “What are the key drivers of marketing ROI?” and “What is the best way to measure campaign performance?”. We dig deeper for each question until we have the variables and the mathematical relationships that drive performance. For example, if our advertisement campaign was a success, we should see positive ad-copy results, which flows into better brand strength, which then flows into higher traffic and sales. Fusion will also connect often disparate reports, metrics, and methodologies to provide an integrated view that reflects your true performance, giving you “one version of the truth”.

Through this process of fusing together data, we can help your company develop:

  1. A clear vision for what works and what doesn’t.
  2. The confidence to make bold decisions.
  3. An integrated view of your business.
  4. Triangulated numbers you can hang your hat on.

Think Top-down, not bottom-up

It’s common for companies to make decisions based on a big idea, or what Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman calls “What the very serious people know.” Ideas like “mobile shopping is the future” or “social media is huge with millennials” are usually smart and hard to argue with. Everyone knows they are true, and testing strategies based on these ideas can seem like the way forward...but there’s a catch. Through our years of work we’ve learned that while something can be true, it can also distract you from even better paths forward.

We call this approach “bottom-up thinking,” and have learned to approach it skeptically. Instead, we embrace the philosophy of “top-down thinking.” We start the conversation not with one of these big ideas, but instead with the right overarching question, such as “What is the best way to grow market share next year?” From this we work our way down, into the problem. It sounds simple, but we’ve found it can be a transformational way of approaching business decisions for many companies.

Every Story Has a Beginning

From humble beginnings to a team of over 20, we’ve grown into Canada’s go-to source for business analytics and strategy. Founded by Joe Thacker in 2006, Fusion was at that time a one-man operation. In Joe’s words, Fusion’s first few years were exciting, but rough around the edges: “We started in my condo in Queen’s Quay. My wife’s translation business on one side of the kitchen table and my analytical business on the other. I ran everything off my old MBA computer and a student version of Excel. It was all new: how to run a business, how to gain clients, what an SOW or RFP was, how to hire, or train...everything. I learned by dipping my toe.”

Focusing on what made Fusion different, Joe and the team refined their own analytical decision-making processes, which we’ve come to call “Thinking in Formulas.” Through it all, Joe chalks up Fusion’s success to both hiring excellent people and cultivating a culture that is always exploring ways to improve.

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