Fusion runs teambuilders regularly to help build team cohesiveness and camaraderie. They make it pretty easy to get to know all of your colleagues, from Joe (the Chief Strategist), to the newest consultant. Here are a few examples of teambuilders we have had in the last year:

Board games

Every month, we will get together for an evening of board games and snacks. The games vary widely from short, easy-going games (such as Sushi Go), to more intense strategic games (like Game of Thrones Risk) and everything in between. One note: We do avoid “social deduction” games (similar to Avalon or Resistance), because with this competitive crowd, those can be “friendship destroyers” rather than teambuilders.

Halloween pumpkin carving

An annual tradition at Fusion is our pumpkin carving night: it’s a chance for our quantitatively minded company to show off our creative side! When carving these pumpkins, we ensure that we have lots of Halloween chocolate and candy by our side to give us that sugar boost of creativity when needed. The end results are always exciting to see and we bring the carved pumpkins to Joe’s house (a few blocks away) so trick-or-treaters can enjoy our creations as well!


Another tradition we have at Fusion is our annual LEGO event! Over the last few years, we developed the tradition of constructing LEGO buildings to add to our city block (that already has a department store, barbershop, laundromat, cinema, etc.). Each year, the city gets bigger, and now it won’t even fit on one wall anymore. It’s a good thing we are expanding the office – more room for LEGO!


Every quarter we do a larger teambuilder outside of the office, and most recently we went Curling! (In the last year we have also done Archery Tag and the escape room at Casa Loma.) Curling was great as not only was it fun to learn the rules and basic techniques together, we also got to play a few games against one another. The best part was doing the broom signals down the ice to our teammates and yelling “SWEEP” at the top of our lungs!

Bonus teambuilder: Hawaii

A few years ago, the Fusion team hit a major revenue milestone, and Joe took us on a trip to Hawaii! It was wonderful to be able to enjoy some hard-earned time off with the team. We went horseback riding, paddle boarding, kayaking and some even went chasing after volcanos. After hiking Diamondhead together, enjoying the revels of a Hawaiian luau, and stuffing our faces with American-sized pancakes at Eggs N’ Things, there was no doubt that the trip brought us closer together as a team and helped build the collaborative culture we have at Fusion today.