Fusion Insights

A collection of our latest thoughts on data analytics and strategy. These articles highlight the analytical thinking, data-driven strategy and problem solving that Fusion has to offer.

How Oil Prices Influence the Grocery Business

Canadian retailers have been raising their prices on groceries since early 2019. Will you adapt your pricing strategies based on macroeconomic trends before others do?

Build a Tower of Babel

How a new structure is required to improve strategic planning.

Stop Cleaning The Potatoes

Retailers are already drowning in data, most of it noisy, inaccurate, blind to opportunity, and therefore wrong.

What Is The Purpose Of Tracking

'Scanning for insight' is the most common reason we hear from retailers for using a tracking dashboard.

How Indexes Can Be Deceiving

One of the most common methods for making comparisons in business is to use division to create ratios.