Mike M.

I joined the Fusion team two years ago after completing my undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Queen's University. I’ve worked on a variety of projects from optimizing marketing campaigns to modelling retailer’s sales by store by uncovering the impacts of macro (e.g. demographics, temperature) and internal variables (e.g. store size, hours of operation). One of my favourite aspects of working at Fusion is the opportunity to take ownership over meaningful projects from an early stage in my career. After just a short period of time, I was being given projects by my manager to work on independently. I was supported to develop my own methodologies and metrics to solve problems. Furthermore, I would be the main contact for a client for the project. Within my first few months, I was not only in meetings with heads of departments of fortune 500s, but I would be the person presenting. At Fusion you take a project from start to end.

Favourite Fusion Expression:
Think like a scientist, act like an artist.