I came from a diverse background. Completing a PhD in Experimental Medicine at University of British Columbia allowed me to investigate novel insights using data-oriented evidence-based methods. During my 6-year PhD study, I identified a potential pharmaceutical target for atherosclerosis, a common cardiovascular disease and the underlining cause of heart attack and stroke. The skills that I got during PhD study, such as critical thinking and problem solving, are life-long assets. While doing PhD in Vancouver, I founded a luxury tour operating company on the side, which lead me to business adventures. After a merge with another local start-up tour operator, I served as the CEO of the new company for 2 years. This experience let me realize that making wise decisions is critical in running a successful business. Thus, instead of limiting myself in one specific industry, I decided to join Fusion Analytics and use my skills to help other businesses make informed decisions. Every dot in my life seems to have connected after joining Fusion. Working with senior management at top-tier companies requested not only clear logics and solid knowledges but also agile thinking and effective communication. New skills that I learnt at Fusion work synergistically with old abilities that I obtained from both scientific and business experiences. One special thing that I love about Fusion is that owning projects from the beginning to the end, which allows me to learn and practice in all aspects of business consulting service.

Favourite Book:
Principles by Ray Dalio