I’ve been with Fusion for eight years, joining after completing my undergraduate degree in Biomechanical Engineering from Queen’s University. Working at Fusion has given me the opportunity to use my quantitative skills on a daily basis to solve real-world problems that businesses are facing, and in many cases seeing my recommendations drive tangible changes (like new retail store concepts and fresh TV campaigns, to name a few). It’s been incredibly rewarding and empowering knowing that senior executives (who have many more years of experience than I have) are keenly interested in the advice and insights I’m able to give based on analytical models I’ve developed. Fusion is on the cutting edge of the ever-growing analytics field, allowing team members to develop an extremely in-demand skill set. I’ve had an absolute blast working with everyone on the Fusion team – a collection of young, smart, hardworking and fun people who build and grow off of each other. Fusion is a great place to start and accelerate your career.

Favourite Board Game:
Laser Tag