I am leading the team's data-collection arm and administering IT systems on behalf of the company. I manage the company's IT infrastructure, 100,000+ CRM consumer database, survey programming, and data-collection and web application projects across all retail clients. I also run the company 150,000 - email list including recruiting new emails and investigating how to improve the survey fill-up rate by the current panelists. My Favorite project I’ve accomplished was a business intelligence (BI) online dashboard I built for one of our clients. The online dashboard will display in a graphical presentation of the key metrics. The dashboard can also enable users to do specific analysis, such as zooming in on a specific geographical level (national, district, regional, store/truck level or other predefined level), specific touch point or specific question. Users can manipulate the data by different demographics and time periods. For verbatim questions, users can filter the answers by demographics and time periods as well as key word search.

Favourite Fusion Expression:
Top-Down Thinking