We believe in a future where Analytics takes the lead role in steering organizations.

With over 10 years of experience working with a wide portfolio of clients, Fusion is positioned as the leading consulting firm for this transformation. Our team of consultants are constantly pushing the envelope of strategic insight and analytical modelling, delivering powerful results for our roster of diverse clients.

Our Clients

Some of the biggest names in retail and consumer packaged goods are clients of ours, from young, fast-growing businesses to household names with $20 billion in annual sales. As a Fusion consultant, you can expect to work directly with senior executives, contributing to a diverse range of industries: electronic merchandising, furniture retail, apparel, home décor, alcoholic beverages, and everything in between.

Our Consultants

As one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada, we regularly hire smart, math-minded people to work on exciting analytical problems. Our consultants are given large responsibilities from day one, and are charged with solving some of the most pressing problems presented to us from our clients' C-suites.

Being a small team, our employees are self-directed and thrive in environments where their contributions are direct and immediate. Many of us are math and data nerds, with a healthy love of Excel formulas, board game nights, and a good book.

Why Work at Fusion?

Work with Impact – We don’t have pencil-pushers here. Every one of our consultants engages daily in solving challenging problems for some of Canada’s largest companies. Working on cutting-edge projects, our consultants take ownership of the full process, from collecting data to presenting recommendations to senior management.

Grow – As a Fusion consultant, you will receive exposure to some of Canada’s leading business minds, learn from experienced mentors, and expand your analytical and quantitative toolsets.

Enjoy a Flat Hierarchy – As a growing, results-oriented company, we shun office politics. Instead, we embrace a spirit of equality and collaboration, in which everyone’s ideas are valued and considered, from the newest hires to our most experienced managers.

Catch a Rising Tide – With over 30% year-over-year growth, Fusion is constantly expanding, creating opportunities to advance rapidly in your career. Not only is our work high-impact, but we offer a generous compensation packages, which include share options at the manager level.

Why Analytics?

The last 10 years have seen the beginning of a renaissance in the way companies approach and consider data. With the proliferation of data-driven tools and methodologies, companies that scarcely used analytics are increasingly analytics-driven, and data analysts who used to work as obscure employees are now catapulting to the forefront, becoming leaders of their departments and organizations.

This continuing change has created amazing opportunities for professionals that understand how to effectively leverage analytics to grow organizations. Heads of Marketing, Sales, and other departments are increasingly focusing on data, relying on consultancies to help untangle some of the knottiest data problems.

With a background in research, statistical analysis, and strategy, Fusion’s consultants are positioned to advance rapidly in a professional world that is beginning to realize the power of data analysis.

1.5M Shortfall

In analysts and managers with analytical backgrounds.

14% Job Growth

Expected for analytics positions, double the average.

How Fusion Helps

We act as a trusted partner to dozens of Canada’s top firms, providing critical data-based insights, strategy, and analysis. Below are several examples of the work we've done.

Case Study: Helping a brewery understand the true impact of its media campaigns

We helped our brewery client decide on the right metrics to determine campaign performance, isolating each component of the campaign to demonstrate what worked and what didn’t. Our work not only allowed the client to understand with clarity all the nuances of the campaign’s impact on their brand, sales, and market share but also provided a strategy for optimizing future campaigns.

Case Study: Optimizing a retailer’s store network

Retail expansions are expensive, high-impact decisions that can result in lost opportunities and lost revenue if not carefully considered. We helped our client determine the best locations for expansions by building an innovative model that factors in variables such as profit pool, catchment area, consumer alignment, competition, and drive time, while minimizing the expansions’ impact on existing store sales. We were able to forecast potential new stores’ impact on the entire existing network, and helped our client in opening new locations in ways that maximized total sales.

Case Study: Transforming business strategy to spur growth

In order to stay competitive in the changing retail landscape, businesses often need to refresh and even transform their business strategy when growth stalls. We helped one pharmacy client totally transform its business by identifying high-growth opportunities and competitive white spaces within the industry. By distilling industry analysis and client strengths/weaknesses into a series of quantitative formulas, we were able to confidently direct the client towards the highest-worth growth opportunity in order to maximize their marketing and capital investments, thereby accelerating growth for a long-stagnant business.

Case Study: Helping a retailer automate its inventory process

Many small to medium-sized retailers still rely on manual and subjective processes to run their inventory network, which is costly and prone to miscalculations. We developed an automated inventory allocation tool for our home furnishings client to bring together multiple sales, inventory, and store layout datasets to intelligently allocate merchandise among their numerous stores. Using data-driven analytics, the tool is able to produce inventory allocation recommendations automatically on an on-going basis. Not only did this tool reduce overstock / stock-out issues in each store and therefore increase sales, the automation process also helped our client reduce their labour costs.

There isn't an analytics challenge we won't tackle.

With over a decade of experience solving diverse business problems, we're confident in our ability to provide outstanding results while highlighting new opportunites for our clients.

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