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We're a team of thinkers, strategizers, problem solvers, and board game lovers. When it comes to improving your business, we know how to put your data to work.

Fusion Value:

Dig Deeper

Some are content to stop at surface-level insights and solutions. Not us. No matter what the challenge, we always look for the deeper lesson. Or, as some of us say, “The question behind the question,” and “Understand the why.”

Fusion Value:

Results Not Politics

Books, Rubik’s Cubes, a challenging statistical analysis, these are all things we care about. Office politics and hierarchy? Not so much. We enjoy doing great work in an environment that encourages everyone to contribute and develop their skills.

Fusion Value:

Learning is Life

There are few things a nerd loves more than learning, and this is absolutely true at Fusion. Each day we tackle problems that teach us more about analytics, math, and business.

There are no politics because we genuinely want each other to succeed. We work hard as a team, and nobody gets left behind.

Ada Liu Consultant

Smile for the camera...

Sure, we gussied up for our photos, but don’t be fooled. We’re real people who value results and character, not flash and style. This is evident in our down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to business, analytics, and work.


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